MoveStrong works with teams, sports clubs, fighting gyms and indivuals to provide functional training and movement screening and assessment.

Setting the goal is easy. Knowing where to start is the hard part.

If you are part of a team or sporting group and are interested in building the performance of your athletes, you may find that setting goals is easy, but knowing where to star can be very challenging.

By taking your team through a movement screen, we will be able to identify any potential limitations from the outset and create a targeted program which ultimately results in improved performance on the field, bike, water, or sky.

Getting a solid foundation in how to train in a way that works with your natural movement, not against it is a vital part of the puzzle too. MoveStrong runs workshops for gyms, and sports clubs and teams in the fundamentals of functional strength training. If you are interested in supplementing your skills training with some strength work, get in touch. With functional training, we can help enhance your performance.

Krav Maga Defense Institute – 3 hour kettlebell workshop. Covering the basics of kettlebell training. The Turkish Getup, the Swing and the Press.
Kettlebell work at Roots BJJ. The transference of kettlebells to combat sports is huge.
Mojo Strength – Functional Movement Workshop. Looking into the importance of training through the transverse plane.